• 100% COTTON LOOPS: Premium combed cotton zero-twist loops. Cotton loops that get fluffier after each washing.

  • FAST DRYING TIME: Dries twice as fast which saves energy and prohibits the growth of bacteria.

  • NO MORE MUSTY TOWELS: Towels get musty after water is drawn to the "ground" of the towel causing an unpleasant order to develop. weaveRIGHT's proprietary weaving technique prohibits water from concentrating into the ground of the towel, which eliminates your musty towel concerns!

  • OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED: Guarantees that no harmful chemicals are used to produce weaveRIGHT towels.

  • WATCH YOUR TOWEL BLOOM: Our premium, zero twist, 100% cotton loops bloom after every wash, for the softest, most luxurious feel and touch!

For more information about weaveRIGHT® TECHNOLOGY products, email Info@weaverighthome.com